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 ...since 1975






Bread Baking Schedule

Baking Schedule in May 2015: 

Tues*, Wed, Thurs Fri   Sat
Baguettes   Pies, Quiche
Beer Bread    Cheesecakes
Assorted Pastries**    Turnovers
Breads from Avalon   Croissants


 *except 5/26
**Assorted pastries may include:
Shortcakes, granola, pot pies, pizza dough, muffins, scones, cookies, cupcakes, and cake.


Specialty Breads from Avalon International Breads as available! Check the shelves! 




Fresh Today!

Co-op Bakery:
YFC is in the process of re-
structuring our kitchen
and bakery staff positions.
We are still looking to hire
additional bakers to round
out this new format. For
the present, YFC is baking
at a reduced capacity.
Please accept our apologies!
Regular Baking Schedule

Deli Delights
   Fresh Salads
   Deli Dips!
 See Facebook (below) for
     daily soups & chili

Fresh Produce
   Local greens
   Mich Blueberries
   Organic Grapes
Sweet of the Week
 *Check the Cake Stand*
   Berry pies
   Carrot Cake
   Apple, pecan & fruit
     pies and more!