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Local Honey Project

The goal of the Ypsilanti Food Co-op’s Local Honey Project is to make more local honey available to customers and increase awareness of sustainable food production, as well as educate about the threats to honeybees and other insect pollinators.  Our Local Honey Project has established three bee yards near the Co-op: at Growing Hope, at the Farm at St. Joe's, and in the Honeybee Alley, adjacent to the building.  

Our mission is to educate customers and support volunteer beekeepers as they learn new skills in natural beekeeping.  Additional benefits are to create and increase sustainable, Michigan-adapted, survivor honeybee colonies, and support entrepreneurship by encouraging more and more small urban holdings of hives.    

Learn more about what to plant in your own back yard to support honeybees, as well as more information about yard chemicals: Tips for Your Back Yard.

Follow along with our activities by checking our Facebook page:  Local Honey Project page.

Spring in the Honeybee Alley

Spring in the Honeybee Alley at Ypsi Food Co-op.

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