312 North River Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
(734) 483-1520



Open Daily
9am - 9pm

Closed 4/5/15
Easter Sunday















 ...since 1975






Our Staff

Corinne Sikorski, General Manager, corinne@ypsifoodcoop.org

Summer Boone, Assistant Manager, summer@ypsifoodcoop.org

Scroll down for the happy faces of our Co-op workers and buyers, our bakers, deli staff, and sundry others who make the place rock:

Aaron, stocker and Bakery assistant

Brianna, Shift Supervisor

Clay, Stocker/Cashier

Derek, Deli Manager

Don, Cleaning & Maintenance

Elaina, Produce Manager

Ella, Shift Supervisor

Gary, Cashier/Stocker

Jeff, Bread Coordinator

Jill, Café Development Manager

Joanie, Deli Kitchen


Jon, IT/Bookkeeper

Joe, Cashier/Bulk Coordinator

Katrina, Granola/Sweets Coordinator


Keith, Accountant/HR Support

Leaha, Cashier

Lisa, Marketing Coordinator/Beekeeper

Lynda, Cashier

Malcolm, Stocker

Marci, Deli Kitchen

Marie, Cashier and Stocker

Patti, Deli Kitchen

Robyn, Sweets Baker

Sara, Shift Supervisor/Buyer






Fresh Today!

Co-op Bakery:
We are baking Tues,
Thurs and Saturdays;
bread is available at
9AM when The Co-op
opens. Plus, YFC is
continuing to offer Avalon
International Breads. We
are baking pies and all
our Sweets as usual.
Regular Baking Schedule

Deli Delights
   Fresh Salads
   Deli Dips!
 See Facebook (below) for
     daily soups & chili

Fresh Produce
   Lots of Citrus!
   Organic Pears
   Mich Honeycrisps
   Organic Braeburn apples
   Crimini & Oyster
Sweet of the Week
 *Check the Cake Stand*
   Shamrock Sugar Cookies
   Carrot Cake
   Apple, pecan & fruit
     pies and more!