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Shopping at the Store

Hints for Using the Co-op

We are a small grocery store offering many of our products in bulk. Wrapped items are individually priced, but bulk items are sold by the pound. For this reason, shopping at our store is a little different than shopping at big- box grocery stores.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

•    You can bring your own recycled containers from home. If they are heavy, be sure to weigh them at the product price before filling them! Often there are clean recycled containers in the co-op kitchen for your use.
•    The co-op also provides new containers for a modest price. There are plastic containers near the bulk oils & sweeteners, and small paper bags near the scale counter and elsewhere for your purchase. 
•    As you shop, keep track of the price per pound of bulk items and produce.
•    Before checking out, we ask that you weigh out and price your bulk items or produce on the scale. Note the net price shown on the scale. Sometimes the cashier can read the price and enter it right into the register.
•    The spices and teas can be weighed and priced at the scale located in that area of the store.
•    Most items are eligible for a member discount. Items labeled with a yellow price tag are not, and include sale items and some dairy products.
•    You are welcome to bring in extra paper and plastic grocery bags for your fellow shoppers to use!  We also have a Reusable Bag Lending Library—ask your cashier, if you forget your reusable bag. 
•    Food may be purchased in small amounts for just what you need,  or larger amounts can be purchased for bigger savings.  Through our Special Order Program you can  order items we don’t carry as well as bulk quantities and receive 30-50% discounts off regular prices.  
•    The Co-op offers monthly Orientations entitled, “Get to Know Your Co-op!”  Lasting less than an hour, we will take you on a short tour of the store and show you our scintillating NEW slide show. And we'll give you a grocery discount just for attending!

Fresh Today!

Co-op Bakery:
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    Deli Rye
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   Sandwich loaves
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   MI Farm
   Special Foccacia
   Chili Cheddar
   Oatmeal Raisin
Regular Baking Schedule

Deli Delights
   Fresh Salads
   Deli Dips!
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Local Produce
   Pie Pumpkins
   Local Winter Squash
   Mich Organic
       Honeycrisp Apples!
Sweet of the Week
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   Carrot Cake
   Pear, apple, pecan
     pies and more!