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Solar Energy

The Co-op is harvesting the energy of the sun to help power our store and our bakery.  Go to Solar.Ypsi.com to learn more about our 30 panel installation on the Co-op, our 30 panel installation on the River Street Bakery, and our community projects to promote solar power throughout Ypsilanti.  The more solar power the Co-op uses, the less greenhouse gas emissions are released into the environment.

See TEDx Talk on SolarYpsi

SolarYpsi volunteer Dave Strenski gave a TEDx talk about the Power of Solar at EMU in 2013. Ypsilanti is ahead of the curve in embracing solar power. Dave explains the basics of photovoltaic power: how to install grid-tied systems, the economics of solar power in Michigan, and why you should consider a solar installation on your building. This lively talk also describes an ambitious new goal of 1000 Solar Roofs in Ypsilanti by 2020 to make Ypsilanti a "Solar Destination."

Dave has degrees in Surveying, Civil and Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech. Currently he works as an applications analyst for Cray Inc., which designs and manufactures high performance computers. Dave started playing with solar power in 2005 when he founded SolarYpsi, a group of volunteers that design and install photovoltaic systems locally. SolarYpsi's primary function is to help people understand how solar power works. The SolarYpsi.org website was created by EMU alumni Nik Estep and has been visited by people from around the world. The SolarYpsi video made by Google has been viewed by a ¼ million people.

WEMU Features YFC's SolarYpsi 

Dave Strenski is the key volunteer for SolarYpsi that helped Ypsi Food Co-op complete our solar installations above the store and the River Street Bakery.  Our local NPR affiliate, WEMU 89.1 FM, featured Dave on its regular program, "Issues of the Environment" on October 30, 2013.  Hear the broadcast!

For more on solar power at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op, click below: 

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Co-op Bakery:
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2016 with our YFC
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