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Local Vendor Focus March 2012: The Brinery

Local Vendor of the Month: The Brinery
by Lisa Bashert

David Klingenberger loves to talk about his business, The Brinery!  

Economy and ecology are synonymous in his mind.  Thus, his tag line “stimulating your inner economy,” refers to the influence on our intricate digestive systems of  many different organisms interacting.  Billions of bacteria cells are present in our bodies, more bacteria than human cells.  David enthusiastically compared his products to a stimulus package for your gut—the Brinery’s products are pro-biotic rich and alive, stimulating your body to greater health!  David is delighted to be stimulating Michigan’s local foods economy, as well.

Born in Ann Arbor, David went to Community High School.  At age 19, David didn’t want to go to college so he traveled, seeking some way to live off the fruits of his labor. He began working with Tantré Farm.  The Brinery was literally birthed out of having an excess of fresh cabbage at Tantré. David discovered that he loved making kraut because it is raw and when you cook food, you destroy nutrients.  Tantré supported his explorations into fermentation to the hilt!

He is fascinated with the cultural aspects of food and food preservation. In his workshops and teaching,  David loves to recommend Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.  Two other books that continue to inspire David are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning written by the gardeners of Terre Vivante in France.  

Tantré IS his family.  Without the agricultural roots he developed there, David might have become another immigrant out of the state.

David is thrilled that YFC is carrying his products.  He’s a big fan of our small Co-op and says he enjoys its “heart” and personality. Thanks, David!
You can also visit them online at http://thebrinery.com/

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