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Meet your Co-op Board

About the Ypsilanti Food Co-op's Board of Directors

It is the mission of the Ypsi Food Co-op to provide high quality food and goods, produced ecologically and sustainably, while practicing cooperative economics. Our membership owns the grocery business and Co-op members comprise the Board of Directors which oversees its operation. The Board ensures that the Co-op continues to provide excellent service and quality products, while fulfilling our commitment to the greater community. The Board members are volunteers who set long-term goals and policies for the Co-op. They work regularly with the general manager to ensure that the Co-op's health, stability and service to its member-owners and community remain in top notch shape. Download our YFC Ends Statement and YFC Policy Register. Minutes from recent meetings are available as a PDF to download at the bottom of the page.

Click to email the entire Board (board@ypsifoodcoop.org) as a whole. To contact individual directors, see below.

2022 Board of Directors – Click on the name to read a bio.

•    Brian Puchala
•    Susan Carter
•    Alison Foreman
•    Anna Caduff
•    Tessa Sarapo 
•    Rudy Alvarado

Tessa Sarapo is a resident of Ypsilanti who loves our local food scene. She ran for the board to become more involved in the community. Tessa has visited numerous other co-ops throughout the state and is a regular attendant of our local farmer's markets. She also has a background working in the natural foods industry and shares our passion for natural, organic and fair trade foods.Tessa works for Eden Foods and has attended many of our nation's largest food trade shows. Her experience is a welcome addition to our Board and we hope you will give her a warm welcome.








Susan Carter has been a resident of Ypsilanti for over 10 years. She loves her community. She is a wife, mother, and a massage therapist. By way of introduction, my name is Susan Carter. I currently live in Depot Town. I’m a mother, a wife, an animal advocate, a massage therapist, and a small business owner. I’ve been a resident of Ypsilanti for 13 years and I absolutely love this community. I believe in the Co-op and what the Co-op stands for as well as the vital part it plays in this community. For the past year I have been the Vice President for the Co-op board and I have truly enjoyed the experience. I believe in compassion and peace and strive to foster that in all aspects of life.
Having been on the board for the last year I feel we are doing really good work and I enjoy the collaboration that the board has. I feel I offer and can continue to offer a balance to the board and look forward to the continued growth of Ypsilanti Food Co-op.
My past experience with co-ops is that of a board member for the past year as well as a shopper at the co-op. In my role as Vice President of the board I would like to believe my service thus far has both improved and supported the co-op.
The co-op gives me a community based store, which supplies my family with healthy food as well as supplies my massage practice with oils both essential and massage based.
I believe I’m a good listen as well as my dedication to my community and I can commit to the required meetings and commitments a board member has.

Steve Somers was born in New York City and raised in Berkeley, California. He relocated to the Ypsi-Ann Arbor area in 1979. His father taught statistics and sociology at UC Berkeley. Steve has been involved with music (guitar) since the age of eight. He received a masters degree in music from EMU in 1986. Steve has been active as a music educator, musician and music producer for many years. He is currently teaching at the WCC youth program, Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra (non-profit) and Dennis’s Music. He also owns and operates his own music production company (Alley Records) and is a band leader (Steve Somers Band) as well as a solo performer (jazz-classical-blues). His wife Valerie is a professional vocalist and they have three daughters ages 11, 14 and 16. He has been involved with various community activities which include WEMU, The Neutral Zone, TCW2 and others. Steve has been an Ypsilanti Food Co-op member and regular shopper since the 1980’s. He has seen the Co-op grow and would like to assist with the continued expansion, improvements, community education and whatever else is needed to make the Co-op thrive.

Alison Foreman


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