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Thursday December 7th
YFC Talk and Tour

Tuesday December 19th
Board Meeting 6:30pm at YFC




Saturday December 16th
Boskydel Wine Tasting at YFC 12-3pm
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What We Make

Our Breads:

See below for descriptions!

Anadama Sourdough (above) - A rustic loaf that warms the heart on the colder days of the year, a loaf for those seeking a heartier sourdough. Ours features local and organic rye flour and whole wheat flour, with a generous touch of organic cornmeal and molasses.


Baguettes - A touch of local rye flour, all organic wheat, water, sourdough and Coarse sea salt. Our basic, but ever so flavorful baguette, baked each day in our wood-fired oven.


Brewer's Bread (below) - A lightly yeasted sourdough, featuring barley malt, rolled barley, local organic rye, and our own Arbor Brewing Blonde Ale. The loaf features a nice beer flavor from all those great ingredients, with the delightful crust our wood-fired oven brings about.


Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough - Thompson organic raisins, organic cinnamon, all swirled throughout our classic sourdough with local rye and organic wheat. Available closer to the weekends, and always ready for your toaster.


Multigrain Sourdough
- With organic grains such as barley, corn, flax, wheat, oats, and spelt, and local rye, our multigrain has a tantalizing tang from hours of fermentation, a surprisingly open crumb for 100% whole grain, and a nice height thanks to the hearth of our Alan Scott oven.

Available every other day, and can be made into pan loaves (upon request) for wholesome sandwich loaves.


Oatmeal Raisin Sourdough (below)

Pain de Compagne
(below) - Leavened with old sourdough, features Westwind Milling Company rye & wheat.


Parmesan, Asiago & Pepper Sourdough - Our classic sourdough with fresh cracked black peppercorns, grated Parmesan, and chunks of Asiago cheese throughout. Features 100% organic wheat flour, local rye flour, water and sea salt.

Made near daily in our Alan
Scott oven, with 20 hours of fermentation before baking. Delightful fresh, better as a grilled cheese.

Sourdough Bread - 100% organic wheat flour,
locally grown rye flour, water and sea salt. Slightly tangy with an open crumb from a delicate mixing process and 20 hour fermentation. Our classic sourdough from our Alan Scott brick oven. It's worth a slice on its own, or with a beautiful cheese, butter, sauce...

Spelt Ciabatta (below)


Whole Wheat Sourdough -
100% organic whole wheat flour, water, and a touch of sea salt.

A nice tang from the whole grain sourdough, and a delicious crust.

Available nearly everyday.


Three Seed Sourdough coming out of the oven

Tower of Sour (above) - A towering flavor only to be found in Ypsilanti.

Specialty and Holiday breads — Seasonally throughout the year.


Our Sweets and Granolas

Besides the bread, the Co-op Bakery offers a wide variety of cookies, brownies, and pies, as well as our famous granola.


Here are some of the staples:

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie - The most famous cookie in Depot Town and weighing in at over a third of a pound.

Other Cookies - Including Oat Raisin, BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie in Town, Big Mochas, Dipped Gingersnap, Vegan Carrot Cake, and more.

Triple Chip Blondie - A staff favorite turned bakery best seller, this blonde brownie is full of chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter chips.  We also offer traditional brownies.

Fruit & Oat Bars - Oaty deliciousness!

Muffins - We offer Pumpkin, Morning Glory, Yam, Vegan Apple Pie, Maple Almond Wheat-Free, and more.

Scones - Including Pumpkin, Ginger Lemon, Apple Cheddar, and more.

Sweet Breads - Pumpkin, Pear, Apricot Almond Bread, and more.


Our pies start as crusts made of Michigan-milled flour, butter and salt.  Then they are filled with the most luscious mix of ingredients and baked to perfection. We regularly make fruit pies, pecan pie, brownie nut pies, etc. We pack them with as many local and organic ingredients as we can cram into them!


Granola from our Co-op Bakery is available in our bulk bins — and it's flying out of bulk bins across the state. Why? Because we use organic ingredients and bake in small batches so it's always fresh and yummy. We started with recipes from the Depot Town Sourdough Bakery for Date Crunch and Maple Almond Granola, and have since added Cinnamon, Vanilla Nut Chai, and Peanut Butter. Throughout the year, other seasonal flavors of granola are added to the list.

Hope preps the granola for the oven

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